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The See Sea project is a set of different java libraries which are related to maritime navigation. This includes connected interface and navigational libraries and code that is usable in conjunction with openstreetmap. Their design intent is to provide modular enhancements so you may retrieve the part of code you require instead of getting to full blown thing.

New and Noteworthy

2015-08-17Released Beta version 1 of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2014-09-17Released alpha version 6 of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2013-03-03Released alpha version 5 of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2013-03-03Released alpha version 4 of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2013-02-20Released alpha version 4 of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2012-06-25Released alpha version 3 of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2012-02-25Released alpha version of OpenSeaMap Data Logger
2012-01-18Released first version of the World Magnetic Model


The software is released under various licenses depending on the contents used. You must check the license for each project because some parts may be restricted to copy-left licenses like GPL.

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