OpenSeaMap Data Logger

OpenSeaMap Data Logger
World Magnetic Model 2010


The Data Logger is an application to record and visualize ship data sent transfered via NMEA protocol. It currently supports the widely used NMEA 0183 protocol.
Positions, headings and environmental data such a water depths or wind directions are displayed in different views based on OpenSeaMap data.

This video gives a short overview of the OpenSeaMap Data Logger on a Windows 8 tablet.

OpenSeaMap Data LoggerThis screenshot shows a GPS only track off the coast of Netherlands.

OpenSeaMap Data LoggerThis screenshot shows a track with depth in the Baltic Sea.

OpenSeaMap Data Logger AIS SupportThis screenshot shows AIS support. The green triangles resemble ships in the city of Hamburg

New and Noteworthy

2015-08-17Released beta 1
2014-09-17Released alpha 6
2013-03-03Released alpha 5
2013-02-20Released alpha 4
2012-06-24Released alpha 3
2012-03-14Released alpha 2
2012-02-25Released alpha 1 version of the Data Logger


  • Chart plotter application based on OpenSeaMap and OpenStreetMap data
  • Cache chart data for offline use at sea
  • Show other ships positions via Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Record NMEA 183 data to local disk
  • Upload NMEA data to OpenSeaMap for sea chart improvement
  • Windows touch support for navigating in the map
  • Visualize raw sensor data as it is received from the ships network
  • Estimated time of arrival on direct route based on current speed
    • Position
    • Course over ground
    • Speed over ground
    • Speed through water
    • Compass course
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Depth data
    • Satellite signal strength
    • Trip Information both GPS and Log
    • Worldwide Tide Prediction above LAT
    • Water Temperature
  • Supported Languages: English, German


  • 1152MB RAM for the application
  • OS: WinXP, Vista, Win7/8/10 (Linux x86/x64 available but not actively supported)

Installation Instructions

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

  1. Use the provided Data Logger installer. As this application installer is NOT signed, your browser or Windows may warn or stop you from opening it. Use the Windows Explorer to open the file to circumvent the browser.


  1. Make sure you have installed Java
  2. Unzip the Data Logger zip
  3. Note: due to licensing issues the bluetooth support in linux is not available


You may subscribe to the mailing list if you have any questions regarding the software.
Feature requests and bugs may be posted to the Ticket System.

If you are interested in getting involved in the development of the application post to the mailing list.


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